Thai Aromatherapy Oil Massage

This full body aromatherapy treatment combines the soothing power of massage with the healing and mood enhancing qualities of aromatic essential oils. The therapist uses gentle and flowing massage techniques to inspire the body, mind and spirit into a state of deep relaxation.


Thai Therapeutic Massage

Thai Therapeutic Massage is a specialised form of massage which differs from other types of massage treatments. Our experienced therapists will concentrate on the problem area while performing the treatments with our quality balm to relieve pain.  Our therapists are well experienced and have a thorough understanding of physiotherapy as well as the human anatomy. This treatment is well suited for people who suffer from neck & shoulder, arm, back, bottom, leg, knee, scapula, and migraine pains


Thai Herb Ball Compress Massage

This is a unique Thai Treatment that combines Traditional Thai Massage with the added luxurious feeling of having aromatic and therapeutic hot herbal compresses soothed over your body working its magic to further enchant you into a state of deeper relaxation, a state of heavenly bliss!


Thai Traditional Massage

Traditional Thai massage combines the use of acupressure, trigger point therapy and yoga-like positions with rhythmic compressions, smooth rocking, assisted stretching and meditation to produce a uniquely relaxing yet energizing and highly effective treatment for the body and mind. The massage is performed on a massage bed with the client comfortably dressed.


Lymphatic Detox Massage

Lymphatic Detox Drainage Massage. Increasingly considered a therapeutic treatment lymphatic drainage optimizes circulation of the lymph, a clear liquid linked to ganglion activity and which many vital functions depend on, including cellular detoxification, the carrying of fats, and immune system stimulation. Using gentle, slow, and very precise circular pressure, lymphatic drainage notably inhibits water retention and its side effects: stretch marks, swelling, migraines, and so on. After this massage, a newfound levity and enhanced vitality will engulf you.


Facial Spa Massage

Facial Spa Massage. Facials were once considered a luxury, but it is simply not the case now, regular facial and skincare treatments are now regarded as more of a necessity. Having good skin is an important factor for most clients. Facial treatments leave you glowing and are very relaxing, they'll improve your skin and will make you look and feel radiant. Give yourself a reason to take some deep relaxing breathes with a Leelawadee facial Spa Massage. Facials are most likely the most relaxing treatment of all. Using 100% Organic products. You’ll emerge looking and feeling radiant.


Thai Foot Massage Reflexology

A custom blend of lotion and oil is imported directly from Thailand and applied with point pressure to the foot and lower leg using massage techniques from China and Thailand. Smooth gliding strokes and pressure applied to specific problem areas soothe away lower leg and foot pain. This massage influences better function throughout the entire body. Organs, circulation, and extremities will benefit naturally from a soothing foot massage considered to be a relaxing and energising body tune-up throughout Asia. This massage is perfect for relaxation and stress relief along with those that are suffering from chronic pain in their feet. Our Soothing Foot Massage can be enjoyed combined with another treatment or all by itself, when finished you will feel like you are walking on air.


Neck, Shoulders & Back Massage

This type of massage combines the beneficial effect of alleviating back pain and relieves overall tension in the body. The head massage releases various blockages and reduces stress. This is followed by the neck, arms and back massage which involves stimulating acupoints and has a highly positive effect on back pain, providing a feeling of relaxation and well-being. This massage is particularly appreciated by people with sedentary jobs, after a busy day.


Chair Massage (Neck, Shoulders & Back)

The Chair Massage technique focuses on the manipulation of the soft tissues of the upper body, including; the head, neck, back and the shoulders which are often the source of frequent tension.  When seated in a specially designed chair, the therapist has easy access to the key areas, and the result is a very targeted massage - designed to pinpoint exact areas of the body.

Lady Having Face Massage at Leelawadee Thai Massage Therapy Studio
Thai Herb Ball and Massage Oils
Lady Having A Chair Massage at Leelawadee Thai Massage Therapy Studio