Lymphatic Drainage Massage

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a gentle massage to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph from the body tissue. The technique is light with gentle pressure mobilising fluid toward the lymphatic sites, with varying degrees of pressure in the actual sites (chest, neck, pelvis, axilla (armpit), inguinal (groin) region) and in association with the blood vessels of the intestines.

Who can benefit from Lymphatic Drainage Massage?


Circulatory tree roots

Lymphatic drainage is beneficial for most people, with a lymph condition or not, as it helps to stimulate your immune system and circulatory system, giving you an overall immunity boost. Overcoming or recovering from a stressful event, whether physical or emotional, will provide both a relaxing and therapeutic benefit.

  • To reduce inflammation and swelling and to aid recovery

  • Particular techniques encourage the flow of lymph movement, to move and drain congestion at lymphatic sites and to stimulate circulation, such as a health condition or as a response to post-surgery when recovery is slow

  • Lymphatic Massage is gentle and relaxes the nervous system and aids the immune system. It is particularly beneficial for those recovering from respiratory infections, chronic fatigue, and also for the physically inactive; or recuperation from long illness or surgery; and ongoing rehabilitation such as cancer treatment plans

  • It is effective as part of a detox health plan which may include dietary changes and supporting stop smoking/alcohol treatments


Who cannot be treated?

Contraindications for Lymphatic Drainage Massage are Oedema that is the result of kidney failure, heart failure, liver disease, local infection, blood clots and DVT (Deep vein thrombosis). Also, active chemotherapy for cancer treatment is another contraindication. 

, while also helping to pull out toxins. This type of massage is generally very gentle, but there are some serious contraindications lymphatic system function by flowing through the body and sequestering foreign material like viruses. Proponents believe that the massage eliminates blockages in the immune system lymph massage is a type of massage which is designed to promote the healthy flow of lymph, the clear fluid which supports , because massage work around the lymphatic system can make some medical conditions worse.

Therefore, it is important to talk to a doctor before booking an appointment for lymph massage.


What to expect during a lymphatic massage?

A history is taken at the beginning of each appointment so the treatment can be correctly tailored to your particular needs. A treatment lasts up to 90 minutes. Most of the major lymphatic sites are gently worked upon, although this will depend on the person’s symptoms and requirements. Lymphatic massage is light and gentle, and a person can expect to feel comfortable and relaxed. As toxins are aided to leave the body, increased urination after a treatment is a healthy by-product. Most patients feel ‘lighter’ in body with an increase in energy. If a person is detoxing, there may be a temporary increase in skin outbreaks or nausea as the stimulated liver flushes out extra toxins. Drinking more water aids this natural process.


How often should I have Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

This depends on the person’s need to have lymphatic drainage and a treatment plan can then be decided upon. This may be weekly for a month or several more sessions or intermittently for maintenance, once a person’s issue is suitably reduced.